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I have been playing piano basically my whole life, which is now quite a long time. At the age of 5, I started asking my parents if I could learn the piano. They finally gave in and I started playing at age 7. For those of you who want to do some math, that means I have been playing now for 47 years. But hey, 50's are the new 30's, right? Ha




Seasoned Amnesia (

This is an old guy cover band. Along with a few other 50-somethings, I have a great time playing in the greater Utah and Nevada area. See the URL above for a glance at what we do and where we'll be next.

Me and the Evergreens (

This is a fun acoustic trio consisting of me, my son Devin Moore, and my daughter-in-law Arielle Moore. They are very talented, and we have a fun time. If you need some background music for your event, let us know.x



Roughstock Band

I played in this fun Country music band for about 8 years, headed up by the great Harry Sherman. Met a lot of great people, had fun playing and singing, and won a couple of rounds of a national talent search. Good stuff.


The Fun-Addicts

OK, now I'm going back a ways, but we had a fun top-40 cover band, went on the road, played for a lot of people, and created a lot of stories to tell our grandkids.


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